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R& D food Revolution stands for innovation in the culinary world. Rudi Van Beylen and Dirk Peeters have brought the flavours of Albert Adrià to the market. They have pooled their expertise and creativity with that of Albert Adrià. This has created surprising concepts that are already being used by many chefs today. R & D Food Revolution has only one result in mind: "Being a supplier of creativity by offering innovative top products!"

Original Barfood at Tavola 2018: Launch of Cocktail Bites


Rudi Van Beylen

The R of R & D Food Revolution stands for Rudi van Beylen Rudi is 100% engaged in product development. Together with Albert Adrià he shares a passion for innovation. All Black Label products from R & D Food Revolution have been perfected by Rudi. They can only be launched on the market after approval from Albert Adrià, on the condition that he can serve the products himself in his restaurants. Rudi can’t stop developing: ‘as soon as a product is ready to be launched on the market, I’m already working on something new'.

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Dirk Peeters

The D in R & D Food Revolution stands for Dirk Peeters. But also for daring, determined and dynamic. Dirk always sees new opportunities in the field of product development and production. Dirk and his team at Didess not only take care of the production of the Black Label products, but he also provides chefs with inspiration and ideas about the use of the products. His motto: 'You don’t see the details, but they do make the difference.

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Albert Adrià

The life story of Albert Adrià forms a succession of culinary highlights and international successes. After elBulli, Albert Adrià started in 2011 the ongoing project elBarri in the Parallel neighbourhood of Barcelona which consists of 6 unique concepts: Tickets, Pakta, Bodega 1900, Nino Viejo, Hoja Santa and Enigma. With R&D Food Revolution, Albert Adrià is concentrating together with Rudi van Beylen and Dirk Peeters, on research work in order to develop a series of new products for the catering industry and food specialists.

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