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Natural Oil - Migino

Roasted Hazelnut

Natural Oil - Migino Roasted Hazelnut

The hazelnut oil brings out the delicious aromas of freshly roasted hazelnuts. Ideal for taking your culinary creations to a higher level.

6401 - 250 ml 6421 - 750 ml

Article Number

250 ml & 750 ml


Instructions for use

Use these oils to add an extra dimension of flavour to all your cold and hot culinary creations. Not suitable for baking, but perfect for use in vacuum kitchen. Also very nice for finishing desserts and cocktails and as a dip with bread This oil goes perfectly with... - Cheese (goat, camembert, fresh cheese,...) or yoghurt - Fish (salmon, perch, dorado, cod,...) - Confectionery, chocolate or ice cream - Vinaigrette for salads with vinegar (balsamic, raspberry,...) - Grilled or baked meat (pork, veal, poultry), game or carpaccio - Fruit (apple, pear, berries, citrus, orange)

Storage Advice

Store in a cool and dry place.


Verpakking - Roasted Hazelnut