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In the autumn of 2008, Gino de Rycke's garden was covered with an abundance of beechnuts. In ancient writings, Gino read that beechnut oil was described as the 'olive oil of the North'. This information inspired him to build an oil press and start pressing oil himself. Soon, walnuts and hazelnuts were also processed and 'Migino' was a fact. In 2014, Peter de Rycke joined the company and transformed 'Migino' into a professional enterprise that produces high-quality, natural and pure food products based on nuts and seeds. In 2016, Migino received official recognition as a 'certified craft'.

Migino's oils and pastes are rich in flavours, based on carefully selected and perfectly roasted raw materials. The unique and artisanal production process creates 100 % natural products with a delicious taste and aroma.