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Dirk Peeters

The D in R & D Food Revolution stands for Dirk Peeters.

But also for daring, determined and dynamic. Dirk always sees new opportunities in the field of product development and production. The D also stands for demonstrations, because in the past year, Dirk has given plenty of them at his Pop Up Creative Taste Experience at Mercado in Antwerp. Dirk and his team at Didess not only take care of the production of the Black Label products, but he also provides

chefs with inspiration and ideas about the use of the products. In combination with the serving equipment from 100% chef, or sometimes even with the stones from his backyard, he conjures up delicious dishes that can be made easily. A well-considered presentation and a good story at the table ensure a complete 'experience'. Especially when it comes to important moments such as aperitif and dessert! His motto: 'You don’t see the details, but they do make the difference'.

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